Why does he seem uninterested after we have dated a year?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating a little over a year now and we have a son together, we lived together for a while now in the beginning he was all over me never took no for an answer always wanted me. Now I'm lucky if he even gives me a kiss he don't write me back on face book and gets mad over the stupidest things we fight about stupid stuff and he blames me for it! I work and he is home when I'm at work he barely text me even if I texted him everyday first if I didn't one day he wouldn't even notice I don't know what to do because I love him and it used to be a great relationship but now he barely says he loves me and hardly touches me anymore, not even to hold my hand?! Confused and looking for help. Anything you can tell me would help

i will try anything at this point because I really love him


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  • You need to first sit down and talk about it, its a rut, I've been with my guy almost three years so I understand where your coming from. After you have a good talk about this try to figure out what catches his attention, try to do little special things and spice things up. And make sure to get at least one night a week to have quality time, ask someone to watch your child and do something special just the two of you, doesn't matter what, just something to make you guys have fun together and rekindle the love :) message me if you have any questions or need advice

    • thanks and I have tried to talk to him but he clams up I will try the date night thing and see how that goes I just feel like he dnt love me anymore

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    • sounds like a good idea I will try anything because I really do love him

    • Tell him, make him a nice dinner on your first quality time date and just sincerely tell him your feelings about everything, open up. He may clam up during the convo but if you really mean it and shoe that you mean it he will think about it when he lays down for bed. Guys need time to process everything