Opinion on my Online Dating Profile?

Hi, all I would really like some feedback from the ladies on my description. It is really hard to know what to write, I think it may be too long but not sure. The site has a separate section for likes and dislikes so I have left that out. ta.

Hi, thanks for looking at my profile.

My names Mike I am originally from Essex (don’t believe everything you have heard!) and now live and work in London. I am not your typical Essex / City boy though, I have never owned a pair of Reebok classics and have no intention of buying a Mondeo.

I pride myself on being an open and honest person that is willing to talk to anyone from any walk of life. I quite often find myself in long conversations with complete strangers and form friendships very quickly, I guess that is because I don’t judge people and feel that every person out there can teach you something. That and the fact that people find my sense of fun infectious, don’t worry I am not a clown I can be serious when necessary. Oh and apparently I give great hugs.

I love to go out with my friends and even though I am not as much of a clubber as I used to be there are still occasions that I will find myself heading home at lunch time.

My biggest passions are good food and travelling, I can eat for Europe and even people that have known me for years are amazed at the fact I am always hungry so if you can cook that is a definite bonus, its not imperative though as I am pretty handy in the kitchen myself.

As for travelling, given half a chance I would head off tomorrow to finish seeing the world. I need to find the perfect spot for the little restaurant /bar I intend to own one day. I fully intend to see every country before I die and so far have managed to travel to quite a few places and travelled around Australia when I was younger. I am not really into resort holidays as I prefer to see how a country really is (I am definitely not a fish and chips abroad person). Visiting little villages in places like Kenya and India were eye opening experiences for me as it showed me how happy a person can be even when they have nothing. I plan to learn Spanish this year to make it easier for me when I go to South America, so if you already speak the language and want to help me that will go in your favour too.

Wow this is getting a bit long now and I still have loads more to say, if you want to know more get in touch with me.



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  • This is a very good profile! Don't worry about it. It's honest, so a girl knows what to expect, but it's still light and friendly, keeping your options open instead of railroading her into your set schedule or expectations.

    I love that you mentioned your dreams and hobbies as more intangible things instead of 'I play shuffle board and like Halo'; food and travel are broad concepts that women can really sink their teeth into as a conversation starter.

    Oh, and last but not least - it's silly, but good hugs are a personal necessity from any guy I'm interested in; that where you sold me.

    You should do great,

    Good Luck!

    • Thanks, I seem to get over 100 views a week but no emails or anything else. Hopefully this will help.

    • Well, part of that problem is actually the good old 'I'm waiting for him to notice me!' scenario. If you're not getting responses, it's very likely the girls are interested, you just need to approach them.

      ... Which is entirely unfair, but hey.

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