Now that my EX and I are talking and hanging out again now what?

so I was with my ex for 3 1/2 years, he broke up with me 5 months ago, saying "he loves me, but not like he used to"

we didn't have any contact at all for 3 months, then he got ahold of me.

since then we've been talking and haging out, (its been so much fun, great like when we were together) and we have slept together a couple times. I of course still love him and want him back.

does it seem like he wants me back? is there anything I can do?


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  • he could just want some action and not love u


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  • oh god..thats a disaster...don't sleep with him unless you want to have your heart broken again. c... why on earth would he commit to you if he is getting to hang around with u...have sex...

    just tell him its hard being just "friends"... tell him you like him but you can't be lik elovers unless you are in a relationship...lets c what he has to say to that..

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