First date help?

This girl and I were gonna go to Dave and Buster's for our first date last weekend, but we ended up changing our plan because her roommate wanted us to join her and her friends for dinner. I am trying to see her again soon, this time just me and her alone. What should I do? These are what I am thinking for my actual first date.

* Dave and Buster's (I wanna have fun with her and want her to feel no stress)

* dinner somewhere else (like where though?)

* my school's basketball game (college)

* movies (kinda cliche)

The more creative, fun, and romantic the better! Thanks!


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  • Dave & Buster's is always fun, but it can get expensive, and who knows if you guys like the same games?

    Dinner can get a little awkward if used by itself... try to pair it with something else.

    Basketball game is a good idea. Just remember to engage her throughout the game or else she'll get bored.

    Movies are a safe option. If there's a movie you both want to see, then it can be a great idea. And then go get food or hot chocolate somewhere. =)

    Or if there's snow where you are... go sledding! =D It's awesome fun and gets the endorphins going.


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  • I can't hlep you, I don't have my degree yet


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  • I am a guy that likes cheap dates. The movies and dinner is expensive. Since its cold I would bring the girl to a cafe and get some hot chocolate. In my town there is a place that has the best hot chocolate. So rather than just getting hot chocolate, we go to the "best". The town I live in as contests and people vote on the best foods. Such as, best ice cream, best BBQ, best hamburgers, etc.

    From your choices I would pick Dave and Busters.

    Dinner - some people find dinner dates to be hard.

    Basketball game - it might not be enjoyable to someone who isn't into basketball.

    Bovies - I personally think the movies is a terrible dating spot.

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