Should I respond?

This guy really likes (liked) me but we live 10 away. We met when he was in my town for a few days and he made his feelings very clear. Just good quality time together. Nothing wild or out of control. Time has passed and now he's interested in somene else that lives in the same city as him but he says that he still wants us to be good friends, stay in touch and leave everything to chance. I haven't yet responded to this revelation and wasn't planning on it. Should I? And what's the best thing I can do or say to not come across as insecure and yet have him thinking of me in the back of his mind? Or what NOT to do or say?


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  • You didn't say if you liked him ?

    I think that's messed up, that he just picked you over some 1 else. I think you shouldn't respond because he'll just take you as a rebound. No girl is worth being a rebound. You should just forget about him as another person that crossed your path of life. You don't seem too hurt so I assume it didn't get too serious. There's a lot of other guys, hopefully you'll meet someone that actually cares about you and not how far you live.

    I hope I Helped.

    • Yeh he knows I like him and I know he liked me for a while even after he went home. I think reality just set in that we live too far for a relationship to work and he happened to meet someone that captured his attention where he lives. I was disappointed, but prepared myself for the possibility. Now he says he really wants to keep communicating and be good friends. I just didn't know if and how I should respond because I do care for him and he says he cares for me.

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    • What's so positive about my way of thinking? lol I guess just being realistic is the best way to be? Anyway, I replied and told him that I was happy that he found someone. Who knows if he meant what he said about being "good friends." I have a date tomorrow and I plan to take pictures that he will see on my facebook page. I'm not playing games, but that's good right? He needs to know that I'm not waiting on him. How would you feel if you were him?

    • I would be somewhat suprised but at the same moment, I wouldn't think about it too much since I have found someone else. But your thoughts will definitely be shown by seeing those pics.

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  • it's polite that he's letting you know to move on. why not tell him you have a date this weekend too? unless you want to reserve something for the future then tell him you rather see him as a potential lover than just a friend but you are realistic so you must accept his choice. is he dating or just interested? who knows, either way it's fruitless for him to wait around for you when there are no plans to be closer.