I would only seriously date a person if...

What is your list of what a person must have if you are going to date him/her? Kind of like the "non-negotiables" from Millionaire, if anyone watches that show.

Example: Mine:

I would only seriously date a guy if:

1) We are of the same faith

2) We want the same basic things long-term

3) He has a steady career

4) He supports my career choice

5) He doesn't have any ex-wives or children (reasonable considering my age)


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  • Male looking for female:

    1. supportive in aspects of my decisions

    2. no child or emotional attachment with exes

    3. realistic and has sense of humor at the same time

    4. steady career; able to pitch in financially

    5. independent and open-minded

    6. respects boundaries

    7. socially outward

    8. similar interest/hobbies


  • 1) she's her own person, very individualistic

    2)easy to talk to/chatty

    3) fun to be around, enjoys doing similar activities

    4) this one may be dumb, buy similar taste in music

    5) likes my friends


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