Are you for or against blind dates/setups?

Why or why not? They may be "old fashioned" but I am pro.

One of my friends met her boyfriend because a mutual friend thought they would be perfect for each other so she introduced them and encouraged them to go out. I mean, some blind dates can be really awkward, and unless you go on a lot of them, the chances of finding a relationship from a blind date can be pretty slim, but either way you get to meet new people, and a lot of dates can be fun even if you don't end up dating the person again.

I think blind dates a way to meet people that you may not have met otherwise, you could end up with someone great for you that you just wouldn't have crossed paths with on your own, or even if it doesn't work out, it is still an interesting experience as long as you don't end up with a nutjob.

I'm all for it, what do you guys think?


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  • I think it works out. If nothing comes out of it, all you lose is one night with some company. There are other things that can come out of a blind date, possible friendship if you hit off in that way, or maybe just casual stuff. I don't really see any harm in them but I wouldn't suggest getting set up all the time, you do have to go out on your own sometimes and pick out for yourself some targets. But I see nothing wrong with it. If I get set-up I go and try to just have fun.

    • yeah agreed. there's never really anything to lose, because even if it doesn't work out the rejection is far less personal than btwn two people who knew each other before dating. and it's definitely best to date people on your own, but sometimes there's a dry spell and you don't find anyone.

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