How can I fix the image of neediness that I portray by giving too many texts?

As of right know she probably knows I like her because I always initiate the contact and send way too many sweet messages. I know that this isn't how to get the girl, but I like her a lot so my mind went autopilot, and I know it isn't the best way to approach it. For 4 days I've been initiating all contact and its been 3 days since then without contact since she went somewhere without phone.

How can fix the image of neediness that I portrayed by giving too many sweet texts? I am not a needy person I have other options but I want THIS girl.. and because I do I may have messed up


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  • She either likes you or she doesn't, you're probs not going to change her opinion by texting too much. Personally if I like a guy I want to hear from him all the time and if I don't like him then I just won't answer. But if you do feel that you're coming off as too needy then just limit yourself to initiating a convo like once a day or waiting to see if she initiates.

  • i am sure if she really likes you back she will just be feeling adored that you are showing her so much attention. When I first started talking to my husband he called every single day after we first met, and we talked for an hour a day since then. I mean, it shouldn't be a bad thing. If you feel you are going at it a bit strong and may be scaring her off then try to tone down the texting and instead just write a letter or two a week. And if it is too early in the relationship to be calling her "babe" and "my love" then don't do it. Instead just still get to know her and her personality (what books/movies/hobbies she likes etc), and don't try to make it seem like you are rushing her. Let her sort of make some decisions and things like that. good luck

    • ok thanks. the thing is I want to talk to her everyday but that shows desperation, unfortunately

    • ask her if she likes it. ask her if she would like you to call her every day or not. if she says no, it's not necessary then it's not OK. If she says it's fine then go ahead and call. some girls like to be called every single day or texted to a lot.

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