He follows so so many girls on instagram - it pisses and turns me off?

I met a guy since two months and we only met two times. I know i dont know him long enough to be upset about him following normal girls on insta like myself (we actually met on insta too. He added me, messaged me and so on).

I asked him if he talks to other girls, he said no.
He said he only wants me, Im the only girl, blabla...
then why does he follow other girls?

If i confront him about it, he will get upset and probably ignore or delete me.

What should i do? It really breaks my heart. I hate how much impact this has on me. I wish i wasn't so emotional...
Im gonna ignore him. Even though I really started liking him and its hard letting go of someone, I will try to forget him.

Being involved with guys is too frustrating for me. Im way too jealous and insecure. No guy nowadays accepts such behaviour.
He will just go on the net and find another chick with one click...

Thank you guys for helping me and empowering me to say bye to that guy.
I wouldn't care if he followed those instamodels with thousands and millions of followers.
He follows girls from his area, normal girls, potential partners. Thats why I was worrying...

Also he's been ignoring my message since yesterday. I texted him that I feel like Im bothering him when i message him.

He hasn't reacted since...

So many red flags and no gos and here's me, still hoping. Why am i so dumb?


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  • I met my boyfriend from penpal site too and i understand how this is very emotionally wrecking.

    I'd say simply be honest of what you feel but don't nag about it. nagging and restricting only push people away
    I used to nag and told him it's wrong and disgusting behavior and we even argued A LOT because I was insecure and jealous of not wanting to lose him but that is what pushed him away ironically.

    He might have followed them but not talking to them. they could be his eye candies (trust me i hate it too, but some men are like that)
    I mean, you can't stop them looking for affairs if he wants to but you can save yourself from being with someone who doesn't deserve your love and time

    If this is still too much, then leave
    save yourself from upcoming brokenhearts

    • A guy who truly loves you would do anything to not make you feel bad and to not lose you.
      And deactivating a stupid social media account isn't a huge deal, you can still continue with your life, even without social media. So him not willing to change something so small to make you happy, just shows that he was an egoistic bitch.
      Be glad you got rid of him.

    • Correct, respect is two way streets. Also a relationship needs sacrifices.
      Also that i learned, we should not be telling them what to do and not in order to prove their love to us. they have their free will, if we asked already and he didn't do it, speaks volume about the amount of his respect on the relationship.

      I'm sorry you've to experience this! You can do this xx

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  • No guy or girl wants to see this come across their phone.

    "I feel like I am bothering you when I message you."

    No matter what happens with this guy or a guy in the future you need to get this insecure needy behavior under control. You need to be confident in yourself and what you say.

    • Yeah, understandable.

      He just texted me that he has no time to discuss.

      I won't text him anymore.

  • Getting jealous will only push him away. No good will come of it. If you stop him talking to girls then you are restricting him. I had an ex who went mental at me every time I met my best friend who was female... She had to be there or I was dead... Relationship fell apart quite quickly

    • I completely understand your girl lol
      She was probably hurt in the past. Those things are traumatizing and not easy to let go of.

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  • Wow lady. Breathe. So what if he follows ladies on instagram? I mean really? So he shouldn’t have any friends on social media but you. You just started talking to him. You are in no position to make any demands.

    • I dont have a problem with him having female friends.

      But those chicks are clearly no friends. Theyre potential partners/hook ups.

      I know i can't demand anything, Im not even demanding. But i have to admit that it does make me a little sad when i see him following new girls.
      Its been over 20 girls in a months, thats crazy.

    • If you really want to have a chance with this man, I would suggest you take a few steps back.

    • I am. Im not textimg him anymore. And also trying not to check his account. Its a waste of my time and nerves.
      This whole thing still hurts, but Ill have to get over it. won't win anything from being bitter about it.

  • "we actually met on insta too. He added me, messaged me and so on... I asked him if he talks to other girls, he said no. He said he only wants me, Im the only girl."

    LOL! You can't be over 25 and be this naive. If he's not talking to other girls its because you're the only one that bothered replying to his messages. You're not the first girl he messaged and won't be the last.

    • Ikr, i can't believe Im that stupid...

      I have 0 experience with guys, maybe thats also why.

  • Don’t expect any guy to just stop looking at pictures of women, especially have friends that are women 😂 you don’t own anybody.

    • Theyre not even friends. Theyre just random girls in his area. Potential partners. Thats why Im worrying.

      If he would follow those instabitches with thousands and millions of followers, I wouldn't care.

  • I read the title, common problem. write a mytake, make a poster hang it on your social media or something. kids... peodple below 40, need to learn how to not use social media, it's crap! need education. get over 40, you are allowed to use social media for stupid stuff. should be a legal limit of age 40 on social media.
    kinda joking of course... I hope you understand why it is screwing you up...
    you are not dumb.

  • I'm sorry to say this, but with that level of insecurity and jealousy you won't be able to have any healthy relationships. I suggest you take care of that first.

  • Well, just because he follows them don't mean he talks to them.. You are gettin upset off of speculation.. Although it's fairly understandable.. Also, he could have followed those girls before he started talkin to you, unless he start followin them in the 2 months y'all been talkin then I understand in a way.. If he is constantly talkin to you though, I wouldn't worry about it..

    • He followed over 20 girls since a month. After we met...
      gosh, it really sicks being led on like this.

      Its so clear that he isn't interested in me...

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    • you're absolutely right.
      Someone who would care about our feelings would never do anything to hurt us (intentionally).

      Hope you find a good girl too who truly loves you.

    • You right.. And I ain't worried much about it.. I know I will.. I'm just workin on myself and ish.. Lol... Also there is nothin wrong wit jealousy.. Insecurity yeah.. But not jealousy especially if you really get to like a person.. You seem more like a dating with a purpose type of person, and not a casual dater..

  • He's a guy what did you expect? Like you said you don't know him that well so he probably doesn't feel the need to tell you the truth about speaking to other girls (he definitely is).

    I guess you have to decide whether he's worth riding it out cos if he develops genuine feelings for you he will eventually stop chatting to other girls

    • He has exams in April and told me to give him time, cause its „exhausting to have to study and spend time with me“. Apparently he doesn't have the strength for all of that (WTF? Lol). But on the other hand he is constantly following new girls and on insta.
      Why does he say that i should wait? Why does he keep me hanging like that?
      I told him if he doesn't like me its ok, he can tell me.
      But apparently he can imagine a future with me...

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    • Really...
      Im gonna message him later saying i dont want him anymore. He can chose from those other 40 bitches on insta.

    • Yeah this guy ain't looking for any commitment trust me

  • If he follows girls but never flirts with them and only likes photos etc. Then this sound more like your problem with inscuritey.

  • Well it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I use to work with my boyfriend before we started dating. We didn’t talk like we do now since we are together but we had small conversation. After he quit we stayed friends with one another on Instagram. I liked other people’s pictures and he liked many females pictures but we also liked each other’s pictures. After a day or two of going back and forth of liking each other’s pictures he dm’d me and we went from there. He follows and has followed plenty of girls on Instagram since we been together and likes pictures but it’s Instagram. That’s the whole purpose of Instagram it’ll be different if he was liking his exes pictures or something. I don’t think it’s a big deal. I don’t fear he’s cheating. We both really like each other and have expressed and showed that so what he does on Instagram doesn’t change that.

  • Be careful on Instagram a lot of cat fishing
    PM me for the bad thing happened to me

    • Why catfish? Im not talking about catfishs

  • I like your standards girl! You seeing anybody? You're not dumb, very smart.

  • Well, you either trust him or you don't.

  • Psycho...

  • Whoa calm down there crazy

  • Every straight guy does this. And so do I

  • To me, the problem sounds like you.

  • If I were you I wouldn't trust him
    I mean you met him at Instagram? Get out, you can do much better
    Real life is out there not on social media

  • Yes. Men shouldn't have any female friends on social media.
    You are absolutely right.
    We should only have male friends and possibly dog and cat friends, but no female friends on social media, in case our significant others hate it.

    Man who have a lot of female friends on social media are low-life scums who cannot be trusted. Off with their heads! Feed them cheesecake! Heartless wretches, the lot of them!

  • How do people meet on Instagram? I don't get it.

    • My English is bad and i couldnt form a good sentence, sorry.

      I mean that he started following me, messaged me and with time we met irl.

    • I know what you meant, that's still weird. People just follow random people and strike conversations? Weird.

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