He's keeps trying to call me...what should I do?

we met last semester at school got numbers and talked for a while before seeing each other again.when we did we didn't really go on a date we just kinda hung out at his apartment. he cooked dinner and we talked. he told me that night he was going to be out of state for his job for 2 months and he was leaving the next week. so I immediately thought he was hinting he didn't want anything serious. we tried to get together again before he left but it never happened. HERE is the thing when he left he deleted me as a friend on facebook. I thought that was stupid. so I just forgot about him. well that was like 3 months ago. and guess who called me a few days ago? the conversation was short and went something like hey remember me? how have you been? what's new? he asked if I had a boyfriend and I said no and he asked why? I iked him when we first met but if he is just being a player I don't want anything to do wih him. what do you guys think of this whole situation? its all weird.


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  • it is really weird. but figure out why he deleted you as a friend first because maybe he had a good reason (cant think of any right now lol..)

    it doesn't hurt to go out with someone once or twice, dating does not equal commitment, so you should go ahead and see him if you're willing for something to happen again, and if not, its not a problem just being friends.