Guys answer, is it weird?

i'm a girl, almost eighteen and I've never had a boyfreind or kissed anyone, is that really weird?


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  • I am 18 and have never even hugged a girl, let alone kissed or got involved with one. You're much better off waiting for the right person than getting with anyone just for the sake of it; I know that if or when I kiss a girl or get a girlfriend I want it to be with someone special to me that I really feel for rather than just whoever is desparate enough.


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  • I didn't kiss a guy until I was 19. You're not weird.

    • thanks :)

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    • yeah that's how I feel...i just feel like because I'm almost eighteen and every girl I know has already done everything then I should to, but they are no better off than me so I'm gonna wait until I find someone I care about :)))

    • That's a great attitude. I'm the same way.