Which of these girls sounds the most attractive?

1. Kinda tall (170cm/5'7), slim, light platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty face. She's social and gets along with people well. She's not dumb per se but not a genius or anything but she can be quite arrogant and petty.

2. Kinda average height (160cm/5'3), petite and slim, black hair, big emerald green eyes, cute face with freckles. She's more timid and shy but not totally unsocial. Not dumb but not overtly smart.

3. Very short (150cm/4'11), very petite and slim, red hair and blue eyes, pretty pale. Slightly larger than average nose, thick-ish eyebrows and such. Very smart but kinda lazy. Not too socially inept but pretty solitary, likes her own time and peace. Likes to read and play games alone. Also kinda cynical and such.

Who sounds the most attractive?
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I'm partial to 3 myself tho I like 2 as well
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Which of these girls sounds the most attractive?
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