Should I date other people or wait?

Over winter break, I was hanging out with one of my friends that goes to college a couple of hours away. She got out of a four year relationship in May and over the last few months, we've both thought about dating (without actually saying anything). Near the end of the night and because I was kind of tired of the confusion, I asked if she liked me or what we were to each other. She said that she didn't know and that she needed time to figure some stuff out. I was okay with this, but my question is: Should I date other people while she tries to figure things out or should I wait for her? Keep in mind that I only talk to her maybe once a week because she goes to college a few hours away.


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  • Date other people, maybe it will light a fire under her ass.

    But really, you can't wait around for her to 'figure' stuff out... and in the mean time, you might meet a wonderful woman!


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  • Date other people. Don't wait for her, you're not on her time, you're on your time.