I really want to make him mine but don’t have much experience, any tips?

I met this guy on bumble. We’ve been talking only for a few weeks. He’s a character to say the least. Big personality. So far we’ve only added each other on Snapchat and I haven’t been on bumble.
At first we were talking nonstop about everything and anything. We really got along. He asked to hangout. His schedule is REALLY busy, he’s going into the fire academy. Past two weeks he’s been working 18 hr days and I’ve been in school etc working busy.
Then we added each other on Snapchat.
At first it was nice. He moved into his new house and wanted me to come over and break it in... smh. I gave him hope but I ended up not going. I explained I’m not a whore and I’m not easy at all and I’ll probably want more from him.
He’s like we have to meet each other and then decide all that... and he was like we have to start somewhere (hooking up) lmao.
So then he didn’t talk to me for three days. Then him me up. Then I replied the next day, didn’t read it. Then we talked again. I gave him tips about his house. He wanted me to come over at like 11. Then he explained he works all day and that’s when he got done fixing his house. He’s renovating it. (There’s proof of this).
So I think he’s annoyed. He said he’s really cautious with women and is afraid I’ll get attached because of past experiences.
Then I got mad because he left me on read so I told him to delete me. He didn’t. He said I am bipolar. Lol.

So I want him to view me more seriously but I do give him credit for being so honest and he does work 18 hr days... he is going into the academy...
I don't know
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On one hand I’m happy he is being honest and open but on the other hand I’m annoyed. Like why not give me a chance.
He said he’s extremely cautious with women.
I don’t have sex unless I’m in a committed relationship.
But at the same time he has a horrible schedule.
I have a big heart and I wanna give him a chance because we do get along.
I don’t really wanna go on a date because we’ve never met. I feel like I could hangout at his house and not hook up just to meet him and get a feel.
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What should I do to sway him? How do I explain I’d like to date first
I really want to make him mine but don’t have much experience, any tips?
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