What does it mean when a boy touches your face when you kiss?

I've always wondered what it means?


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  • It can really depend on the guy... but here's what it means to me...

    When I touch a woman's face when we kiss I want her to know I love her, that I want to be sweet and caring. I want to increase the skin contact and to embrace her tenderly. It also allows me to slip my fingers around to the back of her neck or head so that I can hold her in the kissing embrace longer. Basically... I just want to show her I really, really care about her more than a standard kiss. :)


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  • I can't really control my hands during those moments. I feel the need to put them somewhere on here and usually, end up on their face.

  • Most likely, guys like touching a girls' face before kissing is to feel their skin...


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