He wants to date me, but he kisses everyone else?

I've been in talking to this guy for a while. He has already asked me out, but I just got out of a really long relationship with someone else. I wanted a little time to think, so I said not yet.

Anyway, He will talk to me , but he will also make out with other people too. I get that we are not dating. I know that it's not my place to ask him to stop. I just figured that if he really wanted to date me that he wouldn't. It kind of bothers me. It make me wonder if I'm just his little toy or something. I don't know what to do.


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  • I was in this same situation I have liked this girl since I was little and she got out of a long heartbreaking relationship and she told me she wasn't ready for another relationship. For a little while we would kiss an basically be together just no title an still she wasn't ready. So eventually when she would go out with her friends or not be with me I would call up other chicks and get with them. It was because I was alone I like having that company but if she would of said I wanna be with you I would of dropped all that in a heartbeat . But a guys point of view you can't get mad your not together but I know a girl would get mad. What I did was I told her I ain't gunna talk to any girls if you don't talk to any guys and if you do let me know be honest with me . And it worked we were basically together without the title . I was happy because it was like we were together an she was because I wasn't getting with other girls..hope my experiance helps

    • Thanks, that helps a lot.

      It's definitely a different perspective. Did she come to you and talk to you about it?

    • No I went to her because I was getting tired of waiting around for her and I needed to know if she was serious and it worked out

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  • It's not your place to ask him to stop, but you do have the right to decide if you want to date someone like that if it bothers you. Lots of guys wouldn't want to date girls that go around making out with tons of guys. So you have a right to feel that way too. I would have a hard time taking him seriously if I were in your position. I would assume he was in the "playing the field" stage and that he probably wouldn't be able to settle with just one girl. That's pretty common at your age.

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