I'm afraid its true?

My girl sometimes says, "you are way too good for me!" And that to me is never something I want to hear because I love this girl like crazy! The other day however, she was going to a party and I asked her to not drink too much... Later that night I get a call with her being super drunk and telling me that she is such a bad person and that I should dump her because she didn't keep her promise. What should I do in this situation. I mean I do love her so much and something like this hurts me and she was so sorry about it in the morning, but I was up all night worrying and literally getting sick because I felt like I might lose her. I am just afraid that it may happen again! Before saying dump her!!!, please understand that I love her so much and I really do not want to lose her!
LMAO... Probably accurate even though I hate to admit it


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  • You are way too good for me... so don't you dare expect that I will ever try to improve myself for you... so don't you dare expect that I will ever try exercise any level of self control for you... so don't you dare blame me for betraying you... it's all your fault and I am completely innocent because I told you are too good for me.

    That is what she meant when she said "you are way too good for me!"

    • I kinda get that vibe, but she is the sweetest person, so its hard to believe she would really mean it that way

    • Yes., she is sweet, and innocent, and small, and tender and she needs YOU!!! YOU !!! YOU!!! , and she can't do no wrong, and she scratches all your mushy protector feelings and you love her and and you want to fuck the shit out of her and she will fuck you over each damn time anyway.

      Been there done that , didn't even get a T-shirt.

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  • It's possible that she's carrying some guilt around for something that she's done.
    She won't admit to it, but would rather hint that you should dump her.
    That you're way too good for her.
    It's confusing, but it seems like there's more to the story.
    Maybe you need to find out or listen to her and let her go.

    • Bro you are right... But she told me that night of the guilt that she was carrying amd I was able to help her out

    • Hopefully she told you the whole story.
      Good luck my friend.

    • Honestly I dont think the story could have been much worse so I think she did😉... Thanks!!!

  • Women who say that, often say it as a precursor to them eventually breaking it off with you. Brace yourself. The end is near.

  • If she does this with any kind of regularity, you need to help her get help for a alcohol problem, and if she won't get help, drop her. Drinking only gets worse, and it damages, even destroys relationship and homes.

  • Why does she think that you’re too good for her?

    • I really dont know what she sees in me to be honest... I'm just an ugly normal guy and she is amazing

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    • By change I mean minor details, and all for her benefit... Like making her happy in general...

    • That’s good then. Wish u luck lol

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