Girls, what kind of message would you want (online dating sites)?

I've always dated the conventional way, I want to try online again. The problem I'm having is I can't get any sort of real messaging going with any of the girls I meet online. I'll get one liners, simple responses but nothing else. I read their profiles, I look for people with similar interests and message them accordingly (no "hai your hawt wanna bang" type messages).

So I guess my question is girls, what kind of messages online get you interested, want to chat? Is it the content of the message or do you look at the text, then the profile pic and decide that way?

That's what I do, doesn't seem to work though. Maybe 1:10 will respond and it goes nowhere. I think I need to sex up my profile pic or something, that's what people seem to go off more than anything else.


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  • I have started using dating sites and when I get notes from guys I will look at their profile, see if there is anything in common or not. I hate getting one line messages and I hate messages with bad spelling. If I get a simple one line or bad spelling unfortunately I won't respond. Write a few lines. Hope this helps and good luck!


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  • Just please no shirtless pictures - personally I think those are the most arrogant pictures ever and if anyone who messaged me had one of those pictures on I would automatically delete the message. Try to get pictures of you doing something that you like to do instead of a picture from your web cam. Or hanging out with friends (just no pictures of ex girlfriends) Hope this helps!

  • i like messages that make it clear that you didn't just control and paste this to 30 other girls lol... so if you pick up a detail on my profile and intelligently comment on it, I'd totally be interested. I'd look at your picture too, but that's secondary stuff.

    • I try and do this as well when I'm messaging girls on dating sites. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt, just depends on the girl

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