Just forget about her?

I met this girl at a little get together a couple months ago. I texted her a couple weeks ago and she said,

"are you saying you want to hang out?"

Me: "No, but it looks like you do"

Her: "Sure do:)"

Me: "cool, I'll call you later and let you know when you can take me out :)"

so I called and apparently she had a game that day so we didn't hang out that weekend. She asked me to text her back and I did awhile later. I just said "Hey you"

Her: "Hey!"

Me: "watsup buttercup"

and she doesn't respond for 2 days

so I text her again, "Hey, whatsup?:)" and nothing...It's been a week later and nothing. I should just move on right?


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  • if she was truly interested, she would definitely be making more of an effort to hang out. if she can't even give you the courtesy of a text back, she is obviously not worth your time.


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  • Do you only communicate via text? It could just be she lost her phone or something.


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  • well she is probably playing hard too get, don't bother with her, unless she texts you...TIP: if you text a girl a she doesn't respond, don't start texting her like 100 times a day...just move on, if she does reply, cool :D