Is he mad or he just doesn't want to be around me?

So me and my ex decided to stay friends and he is the main one that wanted to still be friends. In the beginning he was texting me everyday and after awhile I would do the same to him. now he acts as if he doesn't want to talk to me,he ignores my text and when we hang out he doesn't say much.I don't understand why he acts like this.


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  • He either still has feelings for you and realizes that staying friends makes it harder, or he thinks that you are the one who feels like that.

    Time to you to figure out whether you'd like to get back with him, or to actually really break up and not see each other or hang out or talk online again. You can't "break up" and still talk to the other person often. That's not breaking up. It's just holding up intimacy while still doing everything else. Your emotions won't leave just because you stopped kissing or having sex.


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