First Date Kiss... HELP!!!

Should I kiss this girl after our first date?

I mean, I usually would but this time circumstances are a little weird

Cause I asked her to come see a play with me, didn't explicitly state it was a date, especially since I don't know her very well

I mean I could go for a kiss but I don't like the chances of getting slapped... In public.

To kiss or not to kiss? That is the question. Back up your answers tho, simple Yes/No answers ain't very helpful :P

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  • Nawww kiss on the cheek?
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  • Just a hugg
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  • Since you don't know her well I'd say don't kiss her. You don't know how she'd react, maybe she doesn't think it's a date, and if she does, maybe she doesn't kiss on the 1st date. I'd say out of the 3 options I'd just hug her.

  • Hey, how about a kiss on the cheek? It wouldn't be a disrespectful move but then you can see her reaction from it. Then if she has a big I like you smile, then go for it. Gluck!


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