Guys (Particularly Hockey Players): Would you date a figure skater?

I am a figure skater, and I'm not going to lie, I love hockey. I attend tons of hockey games, and have wanted to play for such a long time, (there are no girl hockey teams near me) I would love to date a hockey player for we share the same love for hockey.
Anyways, I'm a figure skater. However, I feel like the hockey guys are staring at us, or glaring, for they just don't like us! I take care of myself (appearance, I eat well, exercise, etc.) I'm driven in life, and I'm not rude, I always share space, and try not to make holes in the ice. I'm just curious, would you guys date a figure skater?
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  • Mmmmm, I don't know. It depends at what level of figure skater she is. I have no problem with skating but big time, Olympic level skaters have to devote their entire lives to it and they are always away, traveling for competition and such so the time/travel wouldn't really be permissive for a dating relationship.

    • Oh don't worry, not big level skating. I am in the local company and skate, where we do a show at the end of the year. It's more something I do recreationally to carry me out through high school and a little in college

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    • LOL, my bad, brain error. I switched the Pittsburgh Penguins with the Boston Bruins.

    • Haha, that actually made me laugh

  • Whats a figure skater

    • Lol look it up. Where girls are in the dresses/ skirts; twirl around, jump, etc. on ice

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    • Im not a hockey player but i dont see why being an ice skater would stop someone from dating u.

    • That's true, I don't know it's kinda stupid. thanks for the input!

  • Yes, figure skating is incredible


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