Girls would you date a lonely guy?

I only have like 2 friends, and its not because I am quiet its just that people are too uptight or they are maybe jealous of me?, I don't know what the big deal is, because I am not shy, I am friendly, I joke, I laugh, I like to have fun, I dress well but still I only have like two friends, I guess I have a problem making friends. Any how what do you think?.


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  • I am the same way I have basically no friends but I'm very outgoing. People look at me and don't like me but its only because what they see. Most girls judge a book by its cover which is wrong. You may just need a girl to make you not lonely any more. Most of my ex boyfriends where lonely guys no friends always alone but I didn't care because I only care about what's on the inside.(:

    • why you say people don't like you?

    • Because they look at me and judge me they say I'm weird because I love to go mud riding, they say I'm to outgoing or I'm just to into my work. People also don't like me because I won't let people walk all over me. Yes I am a lonely person because people judge me but id rather be lonely than to have fake friends (:

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  • I love the way you described that ... ahaha. Honestly I hink who cares to be quite honest friends come and go anyway.. No one really stays friends forever..


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  • Yes the the girl who already answered is right, friends come and go. They're true friends. My mum once told me that you can only count your TRUE friends on one finger; so far I've counted 2 as well, I'm happy the way I am socially, just focus on you not them. THEY'RE pricks. Don't worry what others think. You just can't please everyone, its good to be like that because you keep your self to yourself.

    Adding to this- my idea of fun is shopping on my own, working on anythingm basically solo! so, you're a leader not a follower- a sheep, some say- lol. Happy to help ;)

    • you're mom sounds smart and to quote a fake doctor in a movie, "I concur. I concur."

    • aw thankyou, don't be bothered what they think yh? A true genuin lass will come in good time...