Am I trippin'? No communication for 4 days!

I've been dating my boyfriend for about 4 months now. And we've been bickering lately and over stupid small things. On Friday night we had a little argument and I didn't hear from him till Tuesday night. I was calling and texting but not at all blowing up his phone. Maybe a few texts a day if not just one and maybe a phone call. I thought he was really upset and needed space. However when he finally called me his reason for not speaking to me for 4 days was because he was working! That's it! And that he was going to be busy till Friday and he will speak to me then. I told him that this was not normal and it felt like something else was going on. He got really upset and told me that I had to respect what he was saying and that he will speak to me Friday. Please tell me if its normal for one not to call like that only because of work! He's a General Manager at a store btw.


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  • No, he's avoiding you. Get rid of him.

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