15 Things Guys Really Hate About Girls - is this true?

1. being high maintenance

2. wear those stupid Ugg boots (only other girls find them to be “cool” NO guy over the age of 14 likes them, they look ridiculous.)

3. wearing gigantic sunglasses that cover half the face

4. thinking any celebrity is a role model

5. uneducated

6. lack confidence

7. trashy

8. disrespectful to parents and elders

9. smelly

10. needy.

11. not having a good sense of humor

12. not having a semi-dirty mind at least some of the time

13. saying there ugly

14. saying there fat

15. think you never fall asleep


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  • 1. If that means having to kiss your feet every three seconds, then yes. Girls should be treated well, but I'm not a slave.

    2. Trying to look better by wearing designer ANYTHING is hate-inducing.

    3. ^

    4. If a celebrity is worthy of being a role model, then no. It really depends on the celebrity. If you mean looking up to someone like Lindsay Lohan, just because she's famous, then yes.

    5. Girls that try to look dumb are annoying. Girls that are just dumb aren't meant for geniuses, but guys don't hate them. Smart girls are hot. Rude or intimidating smart girls are hateworthy.

    6. A girl that lacks confidence needs to be given confidence, simple as. It's a really touchy subject. A girl without self confidence just needs help. I would never hate someone like that.

    7. Hate 'em.

    8. Hate 'em!

    9. Take a shower, woman!

    10. It's actually really cute until it goes overboard. I like a woman that relies on me, but I'm not her father, and she isn't five.

    11. If she isn't funny, it's a turn off, but not a deal breaker. If she just doesn't like funny things, hate 'em!

    12. Dirty is hot in bed and at home. Period. Don't over do it at home, and just don't do it anywhere else. It's best when you're randomly dirty when I don't expect it. Dirty everywhere? Hate 'em!

    13. If it's a self confidence issue, I would help them out. If they're too dense to just get over it after a while, I'll just say, "Yes, you ARE ugly, b****!"

    14. ^

    15. If you mean calling at 3 in the morning with an emergency that her pillow needs to be fluffed, then HATE 'EM!

    Hope I helped!


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  • 1. YES

    2. No opinion really. Don't care one way or the other.

    3. YES

    4. YES

    5. YES

    6. YES

    7. YES

    8. Well, disrespectful to ANYONE is a dealbreaker for me.

    9. A lot of girls tend to smell like chemicals which is a turnoff

    10. Ehh, not particularly

    11. YES

    12. See #2.

    13. YES

    14. YES

    15. WTF? Never heard that one.

  • 1 we enjoy the look of a high maintenace woman, but don't like the effort or want to deal with most high maintenace women's mentallity

    2. true

    3 haha, sometimes they look okay, but its a style. don't always do the same thing everyone else does

    4 true: most women don't know anything personality wise about celebrities other than maybe an interview or two they've seen \

    5 very true

    6 true "ish", you don't always have to be confident, but you must be comfortable

    7 true, trashy mirrors that they are uneducated. these usually go hand in hand...or they are poor

    8 true, know your role

    9 true; jesus take a bath

    10 true, be independant...we don't want to babysit

    11 true, know how to laugh and more importantly don't take life too seriously, enjoy it!

    12 true; guys may not say they want you to be a little dirty from time to time, but they think it. its how we're made

    13 depends...it shows low self confidence

    14 if they are, then it doesn't matter...if they aren't and they say they are fat, it give us opportunities

    15 what?

  • 1. Act like a girl but play in the mud every once in a while

    2. yes I hate that

    3. yes

    4. unless you know them personally

    5. no but being a ditz is lame

    6. yes, sell it

    7. don't be afraid to look sexy... often

    8. as long as it's not my grandpa I don't care (respect veterans yo)

    9. 1 w/o shower good, you sweaty after workout good, 2 days w/o shower painful

    10. yes, you have legs and hands use them

    11. yes, laugh... a lot... even at our expense... it makes you pretty

    12. share your dirty thoughts... they give us good ideas for later

    13. yes, if you were hideous then I would not talk to you that often

    14. yes, see question 14

    15. ? never heard that one

  • 1. True

    2. True

    3. SO TRUE

    4. Well, most of them are famous for being famous. It can be annoying. On the other hand, well known intellectuals are sometimes branded with the term celebrity, so it's not always bad.

    5. I hate stupid people.

    6. Not a deal breaker. xD You can always work on that.

    7. Define your terms. I picture ghetto trash or trailer park addicts. Not pretty.

    8. I couldn't care less. Respect is earned, not bestowed by age.

    9. Ew.

    10. Ew.

    11. Boring.

    12. Boring.

    13. Annoying and usually untrue.

    14. Annoying and usually untrue.

    15. Wut.

  • 1) 2) 5) 6) 8) 9) 10) 11) 13) 14) Yes, these are quite annoying in women.

    3) 4) 7) 12) 15) No, don't feel any particular way about it.

  • i can agree with 3 4 7 8 9 13 14

    disagree with 1 and 10 everyone has needs some more than others

    2 if you like them no reason not to wear them

    5 don't know what it means

    6 confidence is always somethint you can work on

    11 everyones sense of humor is different

    12 I'm not a fan of a dirty mind

    15 everyone needs sleep because otherwise it effects your personal health

    but ig a guy says your pretty accept it same with if they say your not fat accept iy

  • 1. Generally I don't care so long as you don't take 9 hours to get ready and you're not so dolled up that you can't have any real fun.

    2. I think Ugg boots are stupid, but I also don't care if a girl wears them.

    3. I don't care.

    4. Definitely. None of us knows any celebrity on a personal level at all so we can't know if any of them are good role models. Everyone (and I mean everyone) thought O.J. Simpson was a great guy and an upstanding citizen and look what happened.

    5. A girl doesn't have to have a college degree, but I'd like to be able to have a decent conversation about something important. So I'd prefer a girl to read books kind of regularly and keep up with current events.

    6. In general yes this is annoying, although I think everyone goes through times when they lack confidence.

    7. Yeah I hate that.

    8. Yup.

    9. This is mandatory. A girl has to smell good. I would easily sacrifice looks and intelligence for a girl who smells good.

    10. Depends.

    11. Yes.

    12. Yeah.

    13. Annoying as hell.

    14. Same as above.

    15. Yup.

  • 1. Yes, being high maintenance can be very annoying. How high maintenance varies guy to guy.

    2. Don't know what boot you're talking about, though I don't really pay attention to boots/shoes so I probably wouldn't care or notice.

    3. Not a fan of those sunglasses, but not something that'd bug me.

    4. If she can logically justify why she thinks that (insert celebrity here) is a role model, then fine.

    5. There's a difference between uneducated, and dumb. If she's a high school drop out, not a point in her favour, but easily overlooked. If she's Kelly Bundy stupid, then there's a problem.

    6. Nothing to worry about, I have a lack of confidence.

    7. Can be

    8. Depends on the situation, and the level. If she's just generally disrespectful to anyone, then yes that'll bother me. If she has issues with her parents then that's OK. I don't believe in the "respect your elders" rule by nature, but I do believe in respecting people in general.

    9. I think both genders agree that this is bad, very bad.

    10. Yes, but only when it gets beyond a certain point. Most guys like feeling needed a little bit, but not to the point where she needs us to do everything.

    11. Yeah that can get annoying.

    12. You don't have to be terrible, but being a prude is also annoying.

    13. That one does get annoying but it's usually because you won't believe us when we say you're not.

    14. Same as 13, only it's worse because it can sound like an accusation.

    15. I haven't ran into this problem but getting woken up when you thought I was already awake would be annoying.

    Final Thoughts, most of the things on the list are only annoying, good to be mindful of, but not stress over.

  • 1. being high maintenance: Depends on the level. Really high maintenance is annoying, especially if she refuses to be happy about anything (Thinking of a girl I know for this one)

    2. wear those stupid Ugg boots (only other girls find them to be “cool” NO guy over the age of 14 likes them, they look ridiculous.): Yeah, you got me. Never been a fan.

    3. wearing gigantic sunglasses that cover half the face.: Never understood that one, but can live with it.

    4. thinking any celebrity is a role model. I can agree with this.

    5. uneducated. I tend to believe this one is false. Unless it's true. Stupid ones do annoy.

    6. lack confidence. If true, I would try to help her come out of the shell.

    7. trashy. Ain't no excuse fo dat.

    8. disrespectful to parents and elders. No excuse for this one, either.

    9. smelly. Good smelling is always welcome.

    10. needy. And clingy. There needs to be an understanding that I need some time to be with the guys. It's good for my heart and can benefit you in the long run.

    11. not having a good sense of humor. Some people don't, but I like to laugh, so it can be awkward.

    12. not having a semi-dirty mind at least some of the time. Can live with this.

    13. saying there ugly. Can sometimes be cute, but don't overdo it.

    14. saying there fat. Same as 13.

    15. think you never fall asleep. What?

  • 1. I'm high maintenance, but only sometimes. You can do that too but only if I don't get stressed out!

    2. Wha? Heels girl! lol I'm a man, not a child!

    3. hahah yeah I have trouble figuring out if your face is cute enough to date with those on... they're hurting your chances with me!

    4. Hey, I respect Iron Man, Tom Cruise.

    5. Yep, you need to be smart because I'm a complicated guy with big dreams!

    6. Yeah I'm confused here too.

    7. Poufy sweaters are cool... dressing like crap or projecting too little charisma is a no-no.

    8. I don't mind this if the ones you're talking to are assholes. My parents are a great example of someone I wouldn't mind you speaking your mind to.

    9. OMG I HATE THIS SOOOO MUCH, it makes it pretty much impossible to kiss you.

    10. IF you're not constructive for the both of us then I have a lot of trouble working with it.

    11. Absolutely, humor helps people open up.

    12. lol I'll own you if you don't ;)

    13. If I still want you you're not ugly.

    14. Lol a little padding's okay, I hate dating a stick because I'd be afraid to break you.

    15. LOL I don't either, had to down 15 tylenol to get some sleep the first time I had a girl over.

  • 1) yes

    2) not really

    3) no, they work on some girls, but it's something you should grow out of during your 20's

    4) yes

    5) yes

    6) yes (I don't really go for very insecure, vulnerable girls)

    7) yes

    8) yes

    9) yes

    10) yes

    11) not always, but usually true

    12) well, yeah

    13) yes, see lack of confidence

    14) ditto

    15) never been a problem, so idk

  • 1. being high maintenance

    This can be sort of annoying because it says that you like being with me because I give you stuff, not because you like me. High maintenance women come off as gold diggers which is never a good thing.

    2. wear those stupid Ugg boots (only other girls find them to be “cool” NO guy over the age of 14 likes them, they look ridiculous.)

    Since when do guys care about shoes? I sure don't, and I really doubt most straight men care either.

    3. wearing gigantic sunglasses that cover half the face

    The face is one of the most expressive features on the body. Covering it up or obscuring it can make a girl difficult to communicate with.

    4. thinking any celebrity is a role model

    Its OK, having a role model can be a good thing as long as you aren't taking it too far. Personally, I think the whole celebrity obsession thing our society has going is really stupid and obnoxious. If you're one of those people that puts lame celebrity news as a top priority in your life I'd find you difficult to be around.

    5. uneducated

    This depends on one thing, intelligence. You can be intelligent, yet uneducated. You can also be educated, yet unintelligent. The latter is far more annoying than the former.

    6. lack confidence

    yes, its annoying because this causes you to constantly seek approval, second guess yourself, and be indecisive. Self confidence is just one of those things that are an essential ingredient to a successful relationship.

    8. disrespectful to parents and elders

    yes, the inability to respect others is a sign of immaturity. Nobody wants to have to tread carefully around you because you're immature and might blow up at someone for an offense they didn't know they committed.

    the ones I didn't mention are either redundant (related to low confidence or immaturity) or dependent on individual preference rather than gender.

  • I agree with everything on that list except the Ugg boots I think they're f***ing sexy. Ha

  • 1- it wouldn't matter as long as you keep maintaining me.

    2- yah, they're kinda ugly.

    3- yah , its kinda stupid and won't help us approach you

    4- ?

    5- I disagree , most girls I know are educated more than me :p

    6- kinda


    8- yah , why girls don't care about elders ?

    9- yah, especially the breath's smell it kills the relationship

    10- yah girls are too needy

    11- it doesn't matter , I don't have a good sense of humor neither

    12- yah , when I'm saying Putting it inside, I mean something...

    13- guys are ugly , not girls

    14- some Fat girls really Do well , unfortunately most Don't

    15- ?

  • 1 - nah

    2 - Lol, well I don't like them but they're fine

    3 - I do this way more than anyone

    4 - Where they draw their inspiration from cannot be detrimental, to me

    5 - Not at all

    6 - Ehh... I'm less likely to talk to her, but if situation permits, its of no consequence

    7 - Lol, I couldn't talk

    8 - Not at all - I said this, recently "Respect your elders? And who told you that? Haha" Lol

    9 - Lol, assuming you mean perfume? I'll probably be wearing as much...

    10 - Well, alright, yeah.

    11 - Most girls I've met do have a sense of humour? But yeah, that's sh*t

    12 - Yeah, well, being all prudent and high-society is so unhip, but it depends on the girl

    13 - Used to that by now, plus I do it too

    14 - see 13

    15 - LOL, what? To be honest she'd be excused for it with me

  • What boots? wtf are ugg boots? Oh wait, those fur things? They're not bad at any age really.

    The sunglasses can be stupid, but don't really care that much about. Celebrity being a role model is stupid, being uneducated is meh, lacking confidence sucks, trashy sucks, smelly sucks, too needy is bad but some neediness is OK, not having a good sense of humor does suck, not having a little perverted mind at least in private that you open up and show in private with your love can suck but not a deal breaker and saying you're ugly or fat does get annoying cause almost none are that bad looking anyways.

    Some decent points, but some that are just "meh whatever, not a big deal, but not great"

  • 1, 9, 10, 13, 14 aren't great.

    5 unintelligent is much worse than uneducated.

    Can work on the rest.

  • in no particular order they're definitely right about a few things in my book.

    ugg boots. those things are SO F***ING UGLY. I fail to understand how these became popular. a dead cat on you feet would look better.

    smelly sure. but that's a no brainer.

    no sense of humor. if she doesn't have one, we're not compatible.

    a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. I like it when a girls dirty from time to time. if she's too good or too nice that's just boring and we won't click.

    uneducated is synonymous with dumb for me. another no brainer.

    • smelly I meant as perfume overhaul

  • yep! all true... ex-CEPT...

    truth be told, you can be a little trashy look/act... as long as your confident and not cocky about it...

    all teh rest is spot on...

    • Agreed, I only said trashy is unattractive because I understand it to mean promiscuous + lack of self-respect. If the girl's got a high libido and carries herself with dignity, then that's very hot. I personally wouldn't call her trashy tho.

    • oh yeah... me and most men don't really CARE what boots you wear... only girls and g@y men care about that...

  • 1. Yes, but only if I can't afford it

    2. I really like those boots

    3. Yep, I hate that

    4. It's her choiche, it doesn't bother me

    5. yes

    6. Only if she constantly craves for attention because of that

    7. no

    8. It depends on what parents she has and what elders. If you are a moron I don't give a f*** that you are an elder

    9. Yes !

    10. yep

    11. true

    12. true

    13. if she does it very often yes

    14. same

    15. love it

  • 1) Yeah that can be annoying, But it depends on her personality.

    2) Personally, I HATE them things :L

    3) Don't see the point, but its personal preferance I guess.

    4) Celebrity's are really boring, If you want a role model, choose someone inspiring like Neil Armstrong for example.

    5) I disagree

    6) That's annoying

    7) Again I disagree

    8) Ever heard of a little thing called Manners?

    9) Not at all

    10) This is annoying if it is the case, I have my own life as well you know?

    11) Not bothered about this

    12) A semi-dirty mind is good, but at the right times.

    13) I HATE this, especially when its done for Attention seeking

    14) Same as Above ^^

    15) I've never been in that situation :P

  • Pretty much. Especially 2,3,7,8,13 and 14

  • 1. True.

    2. True.

    3. True.

    4. True if they don't know much about the celebrity.

    5. True.

    6. Somewhat true.

    7. True.

    8. True.

    9. True.

    10. Somewhat true.

    11. True.

    12. False.

    13. True.

    14. True.

    15. True.

  • All I hate except

    2. I'd have to see the boots

    3. Don't like or dislike

    5. Depends on what area of uneducation ex: high school drop outs ABSOutely HATE!

    8. Depends why they are dis-respectable to their parents/elders

    10. depends area of need if wanting something always then yes annoying, but to be talked to and even loved once in a while is all good.

    12. Don't like or dislike

    15. Rephrase that

  • i disaree with 8,12, and wtf is 15

    • I think 15 means that they text you all through the night, obviously guys would love to do it from dusk to dawn rofl.

  • sounds true to me

  • yes










    not overly important




    don't know what that means

  • I hate all of those good job!

  • What do I hate?










  • 1.true

    2. true

    3. true


    5.Not true. Have degrees, you just question how did they earned it. Flash their t*ts to the male instructors?

    6. true (More so then men)

    7. some

    8. no true

    9. not true

    10. very true

    11. very true

    12. true

    13. very true

    14. true

    15. true

    (Add-on)16. Girls have ridiculous standards.

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  • Geez, I don't know about guys, but I know that *I* hate all these things about girls (the girls who do them, anyways, who I don't think are the majority). However, in regards to #2 I will say that I have become a recent convert to the "ugg" looking boots. I hate the cold and the winter where I live is brutal. I picked up a pair of bearpaw brand shearling boots at a thrift store and I was amazed at how they kept me warm. SO, guys, you might wanna consider giving us a pass on this one ;-) afterall, wearing ugly shoes is no where near as bad as being disrespectful (#8).

  • 15? women think men don't sleep?

    how is this about women?

    some people in the world don't bathe--i know more smelly guys than women.

    many people are disrespectful- like whoever wrote this list & whoever posted it, & all the people answering it as t it means something... its completely subjective& derogatory. I don't see women doing the disrespecting as much as men, yet I wouldn't say men are more disrespectful, as I don't know every single guy in he world. not everyone deserves respect & many people don't give it even if they do deserve it. many people think they are ugly-have you seen the posts on here.

    everyone has needs-the point is can you express them calmly rationally fairly& with dignity & respect for others. this is hardly about women. who made this list?

    if you are fat you can lose weight. guys complain about this as well.

    alot of people like celebrities-even if they are totally corrupt. that's not 'women'

    alot of people have no education , yet are very intelligent. in addition, women gradate at twice the rate as men, so I don't know where that's coming from.

    lol as if guys are not ever trashy.

    alot of guys think violence is funny-i wouldn't call that a sense of humor.

    many women think about sex alot.

    sunglasses protect your eyes -dork.

    idk what ugg boots r- who cares what boots people wear. its there feet.

    lots of people lack confidence. lots of people complain that their partner is overly confident.

    highmaintanance isn't attractive on anyone-yet people date them.

    i think this list was written by a self hating hetrosexual - homosexual male.

  • This list should be called "things guys really hate about IN girls" or something. Cause to say that all those things are true about 50% of the population is kind of ludicrous.

    • I know... I found this list on a guys blog and I was sorta shocked

  • They can overlook all of those things as long as you're attractive

  • I'm a girl and I hate half these things on here. Who would like someone smelly and trashy?!?!

  • ugg boots look like astronaut boots.

  • most of it is true some of it isnt

  • very accurate.

  • those are all true.

  • all of that could also be applied to men as well

  • I know lots of guys that wear UGGs so I don't think they care about them... maybe just if the girl is prissy along with them (I notice this to be a trend)

    Guys were stupid sunglasses too so that doesn't matter either...

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