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Ex block me on only one place, why?

I dated a girl for over a year. We were friends on three social medias (Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram). But she only blocked me on Instagram. I don't know why. We are no longer friends on Facebook and Snapchat but I am not blocked there. Why not block me on all three places? I have same pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Sure it's a lot easier to see my pictures on Instagram compare to Facebook. On Facebook there are other stuff and not only pictures.

Her Instagram is private if you don't following her. So I can't see her pictures anymore because I don't following her there. So block me was just strange. And when we were talking to each other, we talked almost on the phone and Snapchat. Almost never on Facebook and Instagram. My Instagram is not private and my pictures on Facebook is also visible to everyone. So I don't know why she just blocked me on Instagram.

Sure it's not fun to get blocked. We had an argument before she broke up with me. She said she doesn't want to see me again.

I can understand if she blocked me on all places, but she didn't. Only on Instagram. Same pictures there and on Facebook. I don't know if she blocked me on the phone. I don't want to check that, because she told me not contact her anymore.

Is she testing me? She forgot blocking me on Facebook and Snapchat? I don't know. I have been waiting two days to see if she will block me there, but no. Only on Instagram.
Ex block me on only one place, why?
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