Am I getting played?

I'm talking to a girl that tells me that she just broke up with her boyfriend. That still see each other everyday and all which is normal or whatever I guess I don't know lol. Anyway she says she wants to be with me but last weekend we were suppose to go bowling but we didn't bad thing is she didn't tell me anything. Like not even a "sorry I can't make it" and she is always looking for compliments. I am thinking that I am being played and used so someone that will continue to make her feel good. She tells me that she can't get me out of her head and that I am amazing. I have kissed her twice but only a peck because I hate PDA. So I set up a simple little coffee date for tomorrow, or tried to. She said if she can. I hate being f***ed with, I mean I'm fine with being just a rebound I'm not looking for any long term thing. I just want her to be straight with me. I told her I felt like I was being played the other day and she didn't say anything back to me. WTF right lol


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  • she defs playing games... don't talk to her and see what she does.

    • If I don't start talking to her, she always starts with me. So should just not say anything at all when she texts/calls me?

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    • lol I know this seems dumb to ask, but what kind of reaction should I look for?

    • if she truly is upset you don't talk to her

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  • Yeah you're jealousy bait. She's gonna want you to take her on dates and be sure to have people see you out together so that it can be posted on Facebook immediately and get back to the ex boyfriend. At this point, he's going to want to hit you with a 2x4 and she's going to cry and say that he's a jerk, but then run back to him immediately after he hits you.

    • lol that little sad excuse for a male better come from behind xD

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