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Is my ex missing me?

My ex and I had an huge argument and she broked up with me. She has lied to me before and she admit it. I told her she lied about other things as well and I can't trust her. She said she didn't lied about the other things I told her. Maybe it's true. She got mad at me saying she lied about other things without proof. I understand her but she lied before, how can I know when she lying and telling me the truth?
After I said she lied about other things as well, she broked up with me.

I never lied to her but she said she can't trust me either because of one mistake I did. She has problem in her life and I am the only one who cares. She said she is has too much problem in her life, to be able to care about me.

But anyway. She blocked me on social media. I am an older guy with gray hair. Yes I got gray hair early.

I created temporarly an account on Facebook. She wrote on her account that life sucks. And one other things. But one thing shocked me. She have dye her hair gray. First time she ever did that. Like I said I have gray hair. She told me many times before she never wants gray hair. She would dye her hair when she get gray hair natural.

Her real hair color is brown. On her snapchat she changed her avatar's hair to gray color. Yes I created a temporarly account there as well. On Facebook and Instagram she has a new picture of her with gray hair. It's look like she dye her hair. She could have used Photoshop, but it looks real.

I don't know if she will unblock me and contact me. I will follow the no contact rule and see what happen.

But I told her many times she needs to care about me too. I need someone who can care about me like I care about her. And I told her I believe in a relationship where both gives and takes. In our relationship I was the giver and she the taker.

I still love her and it's not easy to just cut off my feelings.
Is my ex missing me?
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