What do I do after I made out with this guy?

OKAY! so I made out with this guy on new years, and that's it. The whole party was obviously completely sh*tfaced and everyone was hooking up with each other, it was crazy. So I've never talked to this kid and plus he's new at my school, but we both really had fun. BUT I found out he also made out with 3 other girl that night hahaha, which is pretty funny. He asked for my number and texts me all the time and says how he wants to hang out, but since I found out about THREE other girls I was really grossed out and I'm not very nice to him... but he's so nice to me. He said he really did want to get to know me and if I kept talking to him I'd realize he's not a d***. He said it was just a one time thing because, well he's a guy so that's kinda understandable. And plus there was multiple people who made out with more than one person. I don't want a relationship and he's a huggie flirt so I'm pretty sure he doesn't either. He's SO good looking though and he says how he wants to hang out and calls me pretty and so many nice things. I'm not stupid though, we don't even know each other. But what should I do? Should I just hang out with him.. it is my senior year and I don't get attached that easily and I feel like he wouldn't either. Should I hook up with him? I kinda want too. But I don't really want people to know ... I know that's bitchy but I just don't care! I'm leaving soon and I won't ever see these people again, and plus my friends are awesome so they think I should. I don't know... what should I do? PLEASE HELP! and ask if anything sounded confusing because I feel like I rambled. THANKS! :)


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  • Oh I guarentee this dude is flirting with more than just one girl. Guys at this age pretty much just see what they can get. Its really nothing personal. Once he captures someones attention though he could be totally into her.

    I say flirt back. Bring it on! Get him before someone else does. If it ends up being like he just hooks up and then is on to the next then oh well who cares. In high school that stuff matters..but in the rest of your life it won't matter at all.

    • haha yes! this is the type of comment I was really hoping for... I agree have fun and see where it goes.. I'm not all emotionally caught up since I was with this other guy...and everyone knowss the first is always the one to compare too.. but thanks so much that makes me feel better ha ha :)

    • You are so funny! :) You want to mack down on this guy so bad and you know it. I do the same thing- trying to rationalize my crazy ideas. I mean it seems like he makes you happy and he's obviously very smitten by you. So what's the big deal- go for it.

    • Take it from me, he just wants to f***. Back in high school, id go on myspace/facebook add a few girls get their numbers and within the week id being f***ing them/ then forgeting them lol.

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  • funny? you sound like you want him as a f**k buddy, and you know he wants you for that reason...and he might be keeping all his female friends for the same reason...So just by your words sounds like you don't want anyone to say no...and even if you do hear it...you will go out with him anyway, because you'd feel bad if anyone or worst case one of your friends was having all the fun right?

    But well done to him boy he scored ! he took it to the next level...he shags girls without even knowing them...lol...i would say keep away but its up to you. chao


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  • Well it kindea sounds like he might be senfing the same texts he sends you to other girls to see if he can get a catch..dont play that hard to get..but like if he's for real then you can give him a shot. But don't hook up yet because you never know you might someone specialer in college and regret hookin up with him:/

    • yeahh I know that's the thing.. I don't know if I care or not if he's such a flirt ha ha becuase I kinda just wanna have fun! but yeah maybe I'll just hang out with him and not hook up or something... I had a two year relationship and then dated this guy for like 3 months so I'm kinda enjoying the single life so I'm deff not looking for a relationship ... I'm not in college yet so I don't know maybe ill just have fun in the next months... thanks so much though! :)

    • ur welcome..and ya have fun..dont get too serious

  • If you found out he hooked up with three otha girls what makes you think other people won't find out you guys f***ed? (I mean, if you were to hook up with him)

    just sayinnn:)

    • haha I don't think id go that far with him.. just someone to have fun with ... but I know that's true! my best friends were the ones who told me since they were also at the partyy.. plus there was a whoolle bunch of people there... but thanks for looking out !:)

    • And...?

      Big whoop.

    • well then in that case, have fun :) its your senior year right? live it uhhhpp.

      and note to topnotch69: if you actually read what she wrote, she didn't want other people to know if they hooked up or not. so take your big whoop and shove it up your ass :)