Why are Hispanic guys so sexy? Do they commonly date out their race?

Lol, I'm really digging this guy at my school who happens to be Chillaen. I am very attracted to Hispanic guys (i'm black btw) and I'm pretty sure he has a thing for me to. But there's hesitation because of the racial difference, and I don't understand why. My fam would be cool with it but his mom is pretty old school, ie strict with keeping their family Hispanic. I was just wondering if this was how it is for most Hispanic families? Do they commonly date out their race? If so, will they date black chicks?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • well I'm Chilean as well and my parents are that strict of dating outside my race, it depends on the person that there with and if its love that they have for one another, but then again it also depends on the family, I know so of my friends family and they have to date within Hispanics.

    • Yea, that's completely how his family is. I wonder if it has something to do with maybe the parents not wanting to lose any of the culture, or become too Americanized or something like that?

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What Guys Said 2

  • Tanned skin, clearly. Same reason many Asians, southern Italians, Latinas, etc are hot :P

    • lol yea I love that warm caramel skin tone. ooo so gorgeous :D

    • Yep, but it's a bonus imo, never anything that matters in the end :P

    • of course lol

  • yea I dated a Chilean girl... sexiest accent ever. I think latins are sexier than any other type of girl as well

    sorry to tell you this but... eh... most traditional latin families would cut their child's throat if they dated anything other than a latin or a white

    especially a black

    (not makin a judgement call myself, but its the trend I've seen)


What Girls Said 3

  • i can't really help with the hispanic thing lol sorry :P but I'm white and pretty much only date black guys, my family seems to be okay with it, theyve gotten used to it by now ahah

    • lol I guess they'd have too, he tries to date only latinas but he admitted he wasn't as attracted to them. I told him just to try the intteracial thing but he's so respectful of his mom's standards. It's not a bad thing to an extent but wouldn't it suck for you if your mom was like " no black guys" But you think she'd eventually tolerate whatever girl he brings home?

    • i mean at first my parents went super happay about it, mostly cause its just easier to date someone of the samerace, but I'm gonna date what I find sexy lol and I find black guys sexy so that's what I date, I dunnno my mom hooked up with a black guy before so she can't really say anything to me about it ahah, yes she had a little too much wine one night and told me about how she "went black" and "every white girl should do it" hahahaah

    • lmfao! ya'll crazy as hell hehe, yea, there's nothing yummier than chocolate rite? I don't find myself too attracted to my race either, I've mostly dated white guys and mixed people, but I'm really smitten with hispanic guys. I really want to be with him, but ugh, the situations frustrating


  • i think you would have better luck finding an americanized hispanic guy instead of one from a traditional rich family because those are usually not too accepting of interracial dating or black people. I am just speaking stereotypically tho, I don't know any chileans specifically

  • I can honestly say I've never dated a(n) white/black/asian/chinese guy but I don't have a problem with it. I'm mexican by the way. I have a cousin that's dating a black guy and everyone seems pretty accepting. At first it was pretty awkward because they expect you to get with someone your own race but in the end as long as they see that they make you feel comfortable and happy the whole race things fades out:)

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