How do I stop being an option and start being a priority?

Women generally treat me as optional, even when they aren't dating anyone else. They cancel plans with me to go out with other men, and when that doesn't work out they come back. They get with their exes who they say mistreated them, they vanish into men who are known to be controlling and distant, they ghost me or randomly stop texting, then hit me up out of the blue months later, they are on a date with me pining over men who cheated on them. They have sex with me when they want to and constantly complain about their lives, but they tell me they aren't a booty-call or my therapist when I want or need someone. It's been like this with every woman I've dated for seven years. It doesn't make them bad people, we all go for the best available option. But I do have an issue trusting women, as I feel they are constantly showing very little regard for my feelings while expecting a lot in return. They aren't being malicious, but they are going for what they see as the best available option. I don't understand the criteria, but how do I become the best available option? And if not possible, how do I get women to stop using me?
How do I stop being an option and start being a priority?
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