Guys, what are the first things you notice in a girl?

looks, personality...

what are some things like their smile, eyes, etc..


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  • Initial attraction: Looks

    Secondary attraction: Approachability

    Ultimate attraction: Personality


    - Initially we will scour the room looking at different women, when we spot one that is "presumably" attractive for our tastes, we start considering approaching that women. The reason we look for a hot woman to approach is several purposes: 1) Health 2) If we are going to risk rejection it will be with someone who is worth it. 3) Seeing as you cannot visually express personality accurately (across the room) then looks are really what we have to go by.

    - After spotting this woman, we check body language to see if she is approachable.. Is she smiling and greeting everyone around her? Or is she giving that "f*** off" vibe to every guy in the room? A smile can go a long ways; this helps us overcome any initial fears we may have of her declining our approach.

    - After approaching the woman, we start the conversation and if she has the personality we look for in a potential lover then we will continue talking; otherwise this process screeches to a halt and we categorize her as either A) Friend B) Acquaintance C) etc and so forth..

    After this "initial dance", we will have enough information to determine if she is someone we should go after and try to date, or if she is someone we should walk away from. Atleast, this is the process I've realized within myself of how I go about finding a potential mate.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Re: Update - Looks can consist of multiple different desires from different people.. What may be hot to me may not be hot to someone else. I look for a more natural and classy appearance; someone that takes pride in themselves but that doesn't "try" to do so. This can be pulled off with simple things like nicely fitting jeans and a complimentary t-shirt all the way to a flattering dress. But what really matters is how it emphasizes her unique features: eyes, lips, neck, shoulders, legs, etc..

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  • Looks. Honestly, you can't see a personality that easily. But just because someone dresses a certain way doesn't mean that's who they really are.

  • Her smile then her ass nd then I gotta see if her mind is right

  • I am a huge sucker for eyes.


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