Dreadfully sweet yet shy guy never contacts me unless he wants to hang out. Any thoughts?

I am 19 year old girl and have been hanging out and casually dating a very sweet yet terribly shy guy. We have been talking on Facebook and workplaces since August, and so far so good! I am beginning to feel that it is safe to say he likes me, because every time we are together, things just get better. He felt comfortable enough to play with my hair at the end of our last "alone" date, and last time we hung out with some friends, he nudged and rubbed my leg with his own leg under the table as we played board games. He also sat very close to me while hanging out in his basement..enough so that our arms, legs, and sides would brush against one another.

But here is the problem: he never calls me or sends me texts. Only if he wants to see me, he will make contact. He explained to me that he does not like texting because he feels it is a waste of time since you can just call someone. I agree, but I get very shy over the telephone.

Is this a good sign or not? What should I do?


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  • Speaking from the shy guy perspective, I wouldn't say it's anything too far out of the ordinary...I think your guy doesn't want to call because he would feel like he's bothering you... When he contacts you to see you, he has a clear purpose, knows what he's going to say, and knows he can really get to the point. Outside of that, he may feel that calling "just to say hi" or to ask about your day might be an inconvenience for you and annoy you. He probably is afraid that he'll irritate you..I know the last thing I would want to do is get a girl I really like upset or mad at me! Usually, talking in person or over the phone can ease this problem a lot...It's easier to pick up emotional cues from a present person or through one's voice (probably why he prefers to talk in person or over the phone, but isn't big on texting)...It sounds like he really likes you though :)


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  • i think it looks good =) if you understand that he's shy then its not that big a deal. maybe he's just scared that if he tried to strike up a conversation he'd embarrass himself or not have enough to say. I don't think its that big a deal, if it bothers you, try texting him real quick. lol its funny how he likes phone but you like text.. but still, I think its a good sign because he does initiate the contact to hang out. if he wasn't interested he definitely wouldnt. id say let it be for now

  • It isn't a good sign because he should also be wanting to know how your day is going if he's really into you. There's not much you can do really. If you start texting him constantly and he doesn't reciprocate and sending messages on his own initiation, it will just make you look stalkerish. If he texts you to hang out almost every day though, that's not so bad.

    • I would kinda disagree with that. A lot of guys really big texters. specially when it comes to something like texting everyday just to ask how her day is going. We feel it makes us appear like were almost being nosy.

      I'd say you're in a great situation.

    • I disagree also. Not every guy is going to ask a girl how her day is.

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