My guy is not reliable, how may I deal with it?

He is very often late, or forgetting about our dates because he is creating (he is a musician).

And it's not fine to me.

He told me he loves me, introduced me to his parents (he hasn't introduced anyone to them in 10 years).. Apparently I'm special to him.

But his lack of reliability makes me sad and angry.

What can I do about it?

And I don't understand how someone can act that way and really care about the person he is with... Do you have answers about it?

Please give me advices.

  • Not giving any news for a little while
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  • Dumping him
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  • Not saying a word about it
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  • Simple. Communication.

    You need to talk with him. Sit down with him one day in a quiet place. Just tell him how you feel.

    "_____ I want to talk to you about something... I love how you think I'm special, hold door for me, take me to parents (whatever he does for you that you appreciate) ... then say but I'm really frustrated at how you are always late,unreliable etc etc. and tell him how you feel.

    Hopefully you both can talk it out and workout a compromise.

    If nothing then you can suggest some solutions ie "Call me 1 hour before" "Call me day before if plans change or being late"

    Key to a good relationship is communication otherwise we don't know what the other one is thinking. Don't let a small problem grow.



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  • as a musician myself, I will say its time absorbing, but not an excuse, but still cut him a little slack and talk to him about it, now if he does it all the time well then tahts different

  • Sticky pads and get a daily log for him so he remembers.

    Seems like he's trying real hard to maintain career and relationship... yet he is leaning towards career more so

  • Try shutting up? He introcuded you to his parents, you clearly mean something. Stop trying to change him, or you will lose him


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