How to meet women that aren't insane?

I started using an online dating site maybe a month ago and went on a date last night. She and I have been talking for about a week, week and a half, we like the same things, seem to have a lot in common, all that. It wasn't a blind date so to speak, we have both seen each others' pictures, physical descriptions, that stuff. We go out and as soon as we meet she tells me that I'm "not her type" and bails.

I'm getting tired of these weirdos - is there any way to tell if a girl isn't insane beforehand?

Naw, not old pictures or anything like that. I've met girls that did that before but I didn't run like hell like she did, we literally spoke for less than a minute.
According to a friend of hers I chatted with on skype she hates guys that dress casual on dates & I was wearing blue jeans. Live and learn I guess.


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  • Online dating is kind of weird like that. Sure, you may know roughly what the other person looks like and will be like in person, but I think we all have the tendency to fill in the gaps with what our ideal person would be like, which can make for a disappointing first impression when you discover who your date actually is. Additionally, it's hard to discern things like chemistry online - I had a long period of contact with a guy who I thought I got on super well with, but when meeting in person, there was zero chemistry and things were pretty awkward for some reason. Little things like the way a person smells or the pitch of their voice or the way they act can be enough to sway you one way or another along the "do I actually want to date this person or not" continuum.

    So as far as that goes, I'd be inclined to say online dating is pretty hit-or-miss - yeah, there are a lot of opportunities for it to work, and certainly it does sometimes, but actually finding someone you really mutually like in person is about as easy as it is offline.

  • Lol she's not insane, maybe she just didn't find you physically attractive in person. Were you using old photos or the "best" photos of you that don't really show how you usually look? You'd do the same thing if she showed you a pic of herself like 30 lbs thinner.


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