Guys out there, can you picture yourselves dating your FWB?

This is just a question. Not looking for advice. I just want to know guys' opinion on this. So many of my friends are always talking about wanting more than just casual sex with their fwb's. What are your opinions?


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  • My opinion us that many FWB are mind games in that the relationship has many the earmarks of (!) a good marriage. Trust, friendship no tense dating and grooming protocols, comfortable, relaxed, reliable sex and intimacy and no control issues. Both I and my FWB are married, which keeps things simple, because it is to each other..


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  • I have done that sort of stuff in the past and don't any more, the reason being that I picture myself dating that person but in reality we have nothing in common so it can't work. You can't base a relationship around f***ing.

    • I agree. But some people think that you can get relations from relations. I've been told that by a guy I used to be interested in that it was possible..but of course he just wanted to get in my pants...I guess he thought by getting my hopes it, I would fall for it...LMAO

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