Does the down economy have any influence on your dating life?

As stated above, do you think you're less likely now to pursue a romance since money is tight?


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  • Not to sound arrogant or uppity, but money isn't tight for me. I'm making it well, not only for the economy being the way it is, but for my age. So no, if I were to be dating it would not have an effect on me. Even before the downturn I was a frugal type of person and I still am. So I wouldn't be treating a girl to a 5 star restaurant because I don't really like to spend money (and a casual date doesn't deserve that kind of attention).

    • How are you making bank at your age?

    • It was a mix of chance and determination or skill. I was actually looking for a job to replace the one I had during my senior year of HS. I was in co-op class when the teacher made an announcement for that job (what would become my job). But before that, I refused even at my age to look at places like restaurants or stores. I called immediately after I got out of school, came to the interview prepared and acted professional, communicated what I was confident I could do, and the rest is history.

    • I was also fortunate that it was a locally owned business, and an up and coming one at that. Knowing the owners on a personal level because they work down the hall from you really helps when it comes to being noticed for your skills, and receiving raises and generous pay because of it.

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  • I'm not in dire need of money but not at all dates don't have to be expensive to be enjoyable.

    • True, but I also was asking if the down economy made you less interested in pursuing a relationship just because your focus is more on your job, etc.

    • I'm not looking for anything long term right now but no it has nothing to do with the economy, although I do understand the effect it's having on the country.

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  • Yes the economy is affecting my dating life. I don't like to date often because it can get expensive. I know the guys most likely to pay, but still I feel bad and will offer sometimes. Driving to someones area is also hard because of the increasing gas prices. Going to the park, having a picnic, are about the only free things you can do. Spending less money would be going to get coffee, or ice cream..that can only be fun for so long..

    • I'll say. At least when the weather gets warmer, there will be a lot more things to do outside. For now, hot cocoa and a movie at home is sometimes as good as it gets.

    • Most guys nowadays prefer "casual dating" meaning come to my place to have sex.

    • Yes.. unfortunately. Maybe it's not such a bad thing that I'm not meeting anyone.