We had a date and he said he's call during the week...he did neither...why?

I was ending a call with a guy I've been dating a couple months. He had asked me to hang out that friday, I said I couldn't, but I can next Friday.

me: should I leave next Friday open then?

Him: Yes, I'll give you a jingle sometime this week then.

He didn't call this week, and when I called him today, he didn't call back, so he broke the date with no word.

Why would someone do that?

he messaged me on facebook. 2 weeks later just bringing up random sh*t...I'm like...yeeaahhh you're special.


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  • Do you know that he is a busy person? How did you guys first meet?

    He might be busy and forgot do to his job or school environment. He might not have been that into you, But you can turn it around by keeping contact with him by rescheduling.

    • he is very busy right now, but I find it unacceptable. It isn't that hard to pick up a phone for ten seconds and say, hey: I can't make it Friday, instead of just not going. I also think a reminder of a phone call during the day would have helped him remember.

    • well the way you make him sound and of which you know better then I do that he does not care

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