Is my boyfriend BSing me?

Yesterday I dropped my phone. It was being an ass when I first dropped it. Dropping it blew out the internal screen. So I had to use the keypad on the front. A couple times if I opened the phone it would shut it off. I didn't if it was gonna be touchy. I told him "when you leave work and you're about to call me, text me first so I can call you on my house fun because I don't know how my phone will do with a call" well he calls my phone later anyways. I said asked why he called my cell. He said "well sometimes when girls do that, they're on dates or doing something bad" I said what? "but I don't think you're like that" If he didn't think I was like that, wouldn't he have text me? Does calling mean he had some kind of suspicions deep down?


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  • He might be a bit insecure or sceptical about the fact you asked him to text first and he might have imagined something. Maybe he has had some bad experiences in the past. In any case he sounds quite sensitive which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • it might mean he has is a bit suspicious...

    but maybe he is jelous or insecure...

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