Kiss on the lips for a friend?

i was visiting this friend of mine, we flirt a bit and she puts her hand into my jeans pocket and all. later in the night I wanted to sleep early so I when I was going to kiss her on the forehead she tried to kiss on the lips but only in the air as I was going for the forehead. well, the complication is she has a Boyfriend and we have been flirting for a long time now but only harmless flirting nothing to make a big deal about.

so what does this mean?


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  • She defiantly has something for you that's more than a friend..

    1. It could be that she likes you..

    2. She may be having issues with her own boyfriend and turning to you

    3. She may just want to have a bit of fun with you

    Can't really tell much with what you've said.


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