Would I be cheating on her if I start trying to date other girls?

Long story short my girlfriend had to go back to her home to work but I heard that was a lie that she was knocked up and went to her baby's daddy. I've tried to call her but she won't answer or call and it's been two months since she's been gone. She told me she would be back sometime in May. Should I wait for her or just let her go? Would I be cheating on her if I start trying to date other girls if I forget her since we never broke?


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  • I've been a similar situation, where my boyfriend left to move with his parents, never returned my calls or emails, and finally just ended up emailing me telling me to leave him alone.

    I made the dumb mistake of staying loyal to him during the 1-2 months of him ignoring me, and while he was ignoring me? He cheated on me too.

    I think you should start forgetting about her, no matter how hard it is and how much it hurts. You aren't really in a relationship if there isn't any communication. And if she really cared she would be trying to get into contact with you in SOME way. With texting and emailing...it really isn't that hard to give you a heads up on what's going on.

    And of course, I could be wrong. And I admit my opinion is heavily based on what happened to me and my personal experience.

    However, a fact still remains: She hasn't bothered to get into contact with you.

    • Do you think maybe I messed up to because the day I heard she had lied to me I didn't call her to see if it was a lie what they said about her or not I called her three days later because there was so much going through my mind about her.

    • Not at all. You've tried getting into contact with her before and after, right?

      And she STILL hasn't gotten into contact with you?

      No. You haven't done anything, it's all her.

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