Would you go hang out with your friends (who you see every weekend) or go over to see her?

What would you do if a girl you were seeing (for about 4 months now) said they had the apartment to them self tonight Would you go hang out with your friends (who you see every weekend) or go over to see her (where you see maybe ever other weekend)

he showed up about 130am AFTER his friends were escorted out of the bar (he didn't get any I was already asleep when he came over)


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  • if I had been planning to go with my friends to do something like go to a big concert or something I wouldn't go with her, but if its just a common hang out thing then I would defently hang out with her, I would hang out with her whenever she wanted me to

    • I get the whole big thing it wasn't it was a normal hang out and when I said I had the apartment to myself he wasn't even sure if he was going to go out with his guy friends

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    • well you could be like "hey, about last weekend" don't point fingers, just tell him in a calm passive tone what you think. don't be mean thow, I don't know the guy but try not to start an arguement, jsut basicly ask him if he could spend more time with you and ask him if your more important to him then his friends

    • Ok I think I can do that Thank you. I def won't start a fight I hate conflict ha ha but I won't ask if I'm more important to him

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  • Go see her (you). But, also depends if I had major plans with my friends if not I would be with my girlfriend or lady friend

    • He didn't it was their normal weekend plans

  • ha he does not know how lucky he has it in till it is gone (it being you) ;)


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