Do you ever feel like you're not good enough to date a person?

So there's this guy and he's basically perfect and I mean perfect.

He's really smart, funny, he's really cute,he's getting a scholarship to big schools for his skills as a football player, and from what I hear he's a really good guy.

So of course I become interested in him, even though honestly he's not my type but for some reason I really like him. I ask my friend ,who has a class with him, about him and she tells me that he's in only advanced classes, he like helps charities, getting scholarship offers from all these really well known schools, he's really nice, he's really popular and to top it off he's a virgin.

So basically this guys like captain perfect.

I however, am not, I not that smart though I am I do take some AP classes, maybe I'm just lazy, anyways, I don't hang around the perfect crowd of people, I'm not in any extracurricular activities, I suck at sports and I'm surely not a virgin.

I know your like "GIVE UP NOW!" or "he probably doesn't even like you" or some crap like that but ever since I've been going to this school he's always looking at me and I'm telling you I know this look, I've given it to plenty of a fellow in my day. He's also added me on facebook, which amazes me because I've never spoken a word to this guy and I freaked out even more when I told my friends about it because apparently he doesn't really add people on facebook, people tend to add him. [maybe I'm overreacting >_>]

So everyone's probably gonna say then why hasn't he asked you out..well I sorta left out the part about him sorta having a girlfriend. She's a senior cheerleader that he's been going out with before I even came to the school. She always gives me the dirtiest looks, it's probably because he sometimes looks at me when she's around.

The point is even if he wasn't with her I don't know If I'd been able to date this guy, I mean I'd feel like I'd ruin his pureness and If I did everyone would know it was because of me.


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  • No one is perfect. That pedestal your placing him on is crippling. Not only does it hinder your chances but if you were to succeed it would damage the relationship itself. No one can live up to perfection. Remove it and the world will open up to you.

    Honestly, if you choose to take only one piece of advice to heart in your lifetime, let it be this... Idolize no one. Perfection is an illusion.

    • your so right! I don't think anyone's honestly perfect, but I do think I might not be the best for him, maybe I should try being more optimistic ha ha :DD

      also that's why I said he's not my usual type, I usually go for the guy with quirks and I find the good in him, If I go around only seeing him as perfect I'll see a lot of his flaws and I may end up disappointed knowing that he's not what I thought he was [not meaning I still couldn't fall for him ^_^ flaws aren't always bad].

    • It's not really about becoming disappointed although that could very easily happen. It's more about feeling adequate. When you place him on a pedestal you make him intimidating and unapproachable. When you come to terms with the fact that everyone is equal until proven otherwise, things change. It took me years to figure that out. I was told exactly that countless times but unless you learn it for yourself it never really sinks in. Just remember it and sooner or later you'll truly believe it.

    • i completely understand. ha ha it's funny I say the same thing [the whole everyones equal] but the moment a hot guy comes along I'm intimidated. ha ha I'm just now realizing I do that, I do this with all my crushes, however I end up getting over them because I find out about them, funny thing sooner or later they end up like me instead :P but in all your completely right and thank you for the advice, very honest!

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  • jesus, I have a really similer story but you know just visversa but basicly I don't think I'm good enough, but I do think I can become good enough, see what I'm saying?

    • You should't have to change yourself for a girl

    • its not about changing myself, its about improving myself, I don't think there's to much wrong with me, I just think there's things that would be healthy to change, its not like I'm changing my personality or anything like that

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  • Since he has a girlfriend, I don't think its going to happen, but that's just my opinion. Maybe try approaching him in person and talking to him, be friendly, maybe you will be able to tell if there's some sort of chemistry going on between you guys. I know there is this extremely cute boy in my grade, and sometimes when he looks at me, I feel the same way, it's that look. But I know he has a beautiful girlfriend and they are serious. So I know he doesn't like me that way. What I'm trying to say is that just because he gives you thoes looks, doesn't mean he's interested, I know it's sort of mean, but I just don't want you to fall to hard for him.

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