Should I be concerned?

I have a boyfriend and we had been flirting for 6 months and now we are dating for two months. We are old enough to think about our future like thinking of marriage. Once I jokingly asked him if he was just having fun with me and he got mad and said that he is not that kind of person. Today, I asked him about something and he said something kind of meaning that he is not serious with me. He said “we might broke up any moment because of some reason that we don’t know. Maybe you will get bored of me or the opposite will happen, who knows.” Later on he said he doesn’t plan leaving me or something like that but he just thought realistic. He then apolıgized for saying that because I was not feeling good , silently crying while on the phone, and not answering his questions in my usual cheerful self. I feel so bad about this situation. I wonder if he mean what he said about being serious or breaking up 😔
Should I be concerned?
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