To go or not to go?

So my boyfriend is in the military and is stationed far away. We have been dating a little over a year and a half now, and when he is here we spend a lot of time together with his family. His family is super sweet and welcoming. Lately, his parents have been inviting me to come over and visit. For St. Patties day they invited me to come over and spend time with his parents, grandparents, and sister with her boyfriend. I would love to go because they are a sweet family but I feel awkward the my boyfriend isn’t with me. I really want them to like though. I asked my boyfriend and he says that he wouldn’t want me to be uncomfortable and that he understands. If you were in my shoes what would you do?
  • Face your awkwardness and go.
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  • It’s okay to not feel comfortable, maybe another time.
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  • This might be a little late, but it's a one day function, and it sounds like you and they get along? You should go. It will be awkward but that's okay. You'll get to be closer to his family, which is good if you're planning on sticking around

  • They are welcoming you to his family. It is something that people who really care about each other would welcome. You sound like you feel that you do not care for your boyfriend that much. You need to evaluate whether you want to be a part of his family.

    • 7d

      My social awkwardness and my love for my boyfriend have absolutely nothing to do with each other. While I value and thank you for your opinion. It’s a little hurtful to assume that my awkwardness means I don’t love my boyfriend. He means the world to me. I’m awkward and avoid my own family functions, yet I’m willing to try and put aside my awkwardness to go and spend time with his family.

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