Girls, Has there ever been a time where you turned a guy down and then the guy, later, ended up marrying or getting a girlfriend who was beautiful?

did this ever happened to you?

if yes, did you regret it?

Would this make make a good movie plot?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Yes. It happened to me. Not marriage because we were in elementary school. No, I did not regret it, because that person was a jerk, tossed her up in my face by passing by me with her the VERY next day after I cried that yesterday, and made me feel like crap when both him and her looked at me smirked, snickers, mocked me like gossiping girls and talking about me in front of me. I don't even KNOW this kid, and we're in elementary school, we shouldn't even be thinking about dating and sex!

    Would it make a good movie plot? Of course, who wouldn't like a movie that hurts and makes fun of others? As long as there is a very good lesson and doesn't promote bullying and premarital sex and selfish nonsense, I would like to see it.

  • If i turned him down, it means that i have no feelings for him so i don't really care to know about who he marries. I am happy with my choice to date or marry who i want and all my energy is on the person i am with.


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