Why hasn't he called/texted?

if a guy was turned down multiple times by a girl a year or so ago, will he be afraid of rejection again? do you think he would ask her out after a year of no contact or is he not going to, even if he still likes her?


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  • iam sure if you rejected him by logic I know I wouldn't try again because I got rejected. you should of went out with him when he tried to. he might even think you were looking for an ego stroke, so stroke back, don't be a p**** and hook up with him. funny when there's someone there that likes a girl and wants to chase but the girl doesn't care because she knows she can have him whenever she pleases, its when the chase ends and your not getting that ego stroked is when you start gaining interest, that's how A LOT of people are including you, which I think is very sad

  • Depends on the guy and the situation. Rejection is one reason to not ask her out again, but other people finding out she rejected him is a bigger threat.

    Guys want sex. If he wanted sex with her a year ago, he wants sex today. Unless she's become a crackwhore's assistant in training, contact or no contact, he'll jump on it.


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