How to reconnect with my old hook up?

Hi im a girl whos a sophomore at a college, and i basically hooked up with this guy at a bar last year and he brought me to his house and we just made out and he sent a cab for me to go home bc i told him i had to go home. He was a very nice, gentleman for me (hes like 1 year older than me) after the hookup we talked for a bit through text (he was a slow texter) but I somehow misunderstood his text and then i just sort of left his message on read and left it for a while and realized that he deleted my number so i kinda gave up and moved on. 3 months ago, i reached out to him asking for like a school related favour and then wanted to reconnect w him asking about like "hows your life been" and he has been kinda dry and he left my message on read. But recently, i've been seeing him a lot on campus and bars like everytime i see him he's w girls (but not sure if theyre like girlfriend but dont seem like they do pda) but he always like looks at me but never approaches me and says hi. I don't know i really wanna reconnect w him and rekindle our chemistry bc i really thought he was sweet and nice but just timing and miscommunication just made everything hard tbh. Please help me i really like him


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