Girls, What is wrong with me?

I am highly intelligent , have many hobbies , plays violin , kind. Always help people in need be it friend or a stranger , helps in animal shelter. But I have no one for myself. Sometimes I also need some love , I never had any girlfriend in my life. You deserve someone better is a common line. Someone who?
People around are actually like me most. But at the end of the day there’s no one. Once someone have rejected me saying you are too good. Is being kind a problem , I don’t know I grew up like this way. If you think I am ugly , no I am not slightly above average I can say.


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  • People who say
    " you're too good for me" (and mean it) have low self-esteem and little confidence in themselves. So that phrase, if true, is a reflection of who they are, not who you are. The issue is them, not you

    It takes a wile to get to know someone, so woman won't know how good of a person you are unless they give themselves a chance to get to know you. Most people don't wait long enough to really get to know someone. So the most difficult part of dating is keeping someone's interesting long enough for them to see all you have to "offer ". So really, being good or bad isn't the issue.

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      I never really had a friend of opposite gender till recently. She was not so intelligent like me but I actually don’t care about if you are pretty or intelligent or what. If you are good person that’s enough. I had helped her in studies , cooked for her so many times , take care for her when she was ill. All I wanted a friend because I never had one. After some time she went out with one guy who had sexually molested her. I helped her in the whole situation. But after everything’s over she left me and stopped all contact , I had asked she said she don’t know.
      I am trying to convince me everything’s fine but deep down...

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      Thanks for the MHO ❤

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      You deserved it so 😊, what’s your real name?

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