Guys, what kind of behaviour will you put up with from your girlfriend when u know she has pms and what would make u dump her?


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  • We are capable of making good and bad decisions even in the face of hormones and emotions. The choices that you make are on you. If you act like an asshole you don't get a free pass. Sympathy for suffering comes when that suffering is handled with dignity. The occasional and minor lapse is not an issue, we're all human. There are limits though and there is no free pass for being a psycho. If you act like a bitch then you need to own it and apologise for it. If you expect me to accept being torn a new asshole once a month because you have PMS then things will not work out well.

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      Well was going to write... but... ^^^what he said.

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      @Grobmate yes I do

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      Very well...

      Verbal Abuse
      name-calling, continuous criticism, swearing and humiliation in public or in private, attacks on someone’s intelligence, body or parenting, yelling.

      Physical abuse
      shaking, slapping, pushing, punching or scratching, kicking, spitting or biting, trying to strangle or choke, using weapons, driving dangerously, destroying property and throwing things, abuse of children or pets, locking someone out of their house or in the house, sleep and food deprivation, forced feeding, physical restraint e. g. pinning against the wall or bed.

      Emotional Abuse
      blaming a partner for all the problems in a relationship, constantly comparing them with others to undermine their self-esteem and self-worth (usually being in a bad mood), intentionally embarrassing them in public, name calling, controlling a person's finances (also known as financial abuse), telling them what to wear, preventing them from seeing friends and family (also known as social abuse), stalking, threatening suicide, making them feel guilty when they refuse sex, humiliation, passive-aggressive behaviour of any kind (e. g. silent treatment), intimidation and coercive behaviour.

      Psychological Abuse
      subjecting or exposing another person to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder... such as:
      Bullying, harassment, gaslighting, mind games and any threatening behaviour etc.

      Sexual Abuse
      rape, deliberately causing pain during sex, assaulting the genitals, forced sex without protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), forcing someone to perform sexual acts, using sexually degrading insults, unwanted touching, unwanted exposure to pornography, sexual jokes, withholding sex as punishment, using sex to coerce compliance.

      Financial Abuse
      taking complete control of finances and money, restricting access to bank accounts, providing an inadequate allowance and monitoring what their partner spends

  • No I wouldn't dump her if you love someone you should try to be there for them and help there


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